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BEWARE of Costco’s Slip and Fall Settlements Claims

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Costco’s chain of wholesale stores make shopping easier, it’s no wonder many people love shopping at Costco.

However, shopping at Costco can pose a safety hazard since its stores construct huge warehouses with tall shelves to stack heavy equipment on top of each other. So it’s. to no surprise that customers get injured while shopping at Costco. In fact, slip and falls are quite common at Costco.

If you were injured at Costco due to the negligence of its employees, you need legal help ASAP! You need the right kind of attorney at your side that knows how to handle big corporations like Costco.

Costco is not looking out for your best interests. They hire insurance companies and adjusters to help keep as much money as possible without paying you a dime!

The Lawyers at Adley Law Firm know that many people suffer slip and fall injuries in many Costco locations. We have heard many dreadful stories from clients trying to handle a Costco claim on their own before deciding to hire us.

If you or a loved one was injured at Costco, you need a law firm that knows how to fight these claims. Our attorneys have beaten major corporations like Costco before and will do it again.

“You’re Fine”

Right after you fall you should report it to the manager. Also, take photos of the scene before an employee cleans it up. If you are injured the manager will insist that “you’re fine”.

Never assume you are fine, especially if you are feeling any discomfort or pain. Just because the manager says you are fine DOES NOT mean you are not injured.

The manager is only trying to minimize the situation and finding an easy way out to minimize your claim.

We always recommend that you get checked out right after a slip and fall. Sometimes the symptoms may take days or weeks to appear so always check with a medical professional to be on the safe side.

We’ll Only Help You If you Give a Recorded Statement”

Insurance adjusters will tell you that they only want to help only if you give them a recorded statement. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS!

These adjusters want a recorded statement for one reason, to try and get you to say something that they can use against you later. Of course, they will never admit to that, they will insist that you give a recorded statement so that they can move on with your claim faster.

Again, DO NOT BELIEVE THEM! They are not looking out for you, they are only looking at for Costco. They do not have a right to a recorded statement. Sadly, too many people give them anyway and result in low payouts or denials.

“It Was Your Fault That You Fell”

Insurance companies will only pay a claim if Costco caused the accident. However, if they claim that you fell because it was your fault then you lost your chance, Costco’s insurer will deny your claim.

Adjusters often try to blame people for their fall when in reality it was due to Costco’s negligence.

If you admit any liability, you’ll reduce or lose your settlement offer. Ergo, do not fall for it when an adjuster claims it was your fault, you know it wasn’t and so do we.

“Your Injuries Aren’t That Severe”

Just like a manager will try to downgrade your injuries, an insurance adjuster will also do the same. The insurance adjuster will claim that you did not need all the treatments you received so they won’t pay for it.

They will also say that you did not need to miss as much work as you did so they won’t reimburse you for lost wages.

Insurance adjusters are not medical professionals so they don’t know what you needed, and they don’t know your personal experience with your injury. You need a lawyer that can prove how serious your injuries are and your losses.

“You Don’t Need An Attorney”

Of course, insurance companies don’t want you speaking to a lawyer. An attorney knows all the tricks that they use to try and deny your claim and a great lawyer knows how to beat them.

Having a competent attorney at your side can help maximize your chances of recovering all your losses, and can take the stress of dealing with the adjusters off your plate.

Speak To a Slip and Fall Attorney Today!

The sooner you get an attorney the sooner the insurance adjuster won’t try to take advantage.

We will handle every interaction with the insurance company so that you can rest and focus on recovery.

You can trust that we will get the best results for you possible. Get in touch with us today! Call us at (713) 999-8669 or schedule a free consultation.

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