Houston Flood Victim Attorney: Flooding Dangers in the Houston Area

Tropical storm Imelda doused South Texas with more than 43 inches of rain over the past week in the areas between Winnie and Beaumont — east of Houston. This flooding has left thousands of people without homes or vehicles and has also taken the lives of at least five people.

Many have said Tropical Storm Imelda was worse than Hurricane Harvey, however, Harvey left far more destruction in its wake, with over 125 billion dollars worth of damages, 88 fatalities, and over 39,000 people in shelters.

But the fact stands, people have lost everything in Imelda and those people deserve to be compensated!

Why you need a Houston flood victim attorney

Although most homeowners have homeowner’s insurance, not all of them have flood insurance. This makes a big difference because a standard homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover damage caused by certain types of flooding, such as rain or storm surges. Because of this, many homeowners are left filing for bankruptcy or having to give up their homes following a flood.

Even those individuals who have flood insurance are often underpaid or wrongfully denied compensation. 

The struggle of trying to rebuild after losing everything is enough without the added stress of going back and forth with insurance companies that want to pay you as little as they possibly can. That’s where a Houston flood victim attorney comes in.

A flood victim attorney will answer any questions you may have, advise you of your rights, and if you have flood insurance, walk you through getting it started and ensure you’re properly compensated for all property damage and losses.

For those that don’t have flood insurance, there are programs out there that are designed to help you get back on your feet and rebuild after a natural disaster. A FEMA grant of up to $33,000 is one option. This grant is to help home-owners pay for temporary housing and/or the repair of their homes. Another option is a low-interest disaster assistance loan from the Small Business Association (SBA) which you would eventually have to pay back. Both of these resources require you to meet certain qualifications.

How to find a Houston flood victim attorney

Finding a flood victim attorney involves the same process as finding any other attorney.

  • research your candidates.
  • assess the qualities of each candidate to be sure you choose the one with the most experience with flooding.
  • read reviews and testimonials which is the easiest way to get a true idea of your candidates.
  • understand the fees.
  • choose the best flood victim attorney for you!

Always make sure you do your research before choosing an attorney to make sure you are getting the best one possible.

Why not get started now?

If you suffered from flood damage and were underpaid or wrongfully denied compensation, (or even if you’re just beginning the process and don’t know where to start), speak with an attorney today to be one step closer to getting the compensation and peace of mind you deserve.

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