How Medical Malpractice Lawyers Deal With The Side Effects of Neglect

How Medical Malpractice Lawyers Deal With The Side Effects of Neglect

“Always consult your doctor before taking _______ as it may lead to secondary problems such as blah, blah, blah.” Does this type of dialogue ring a bell? It’s usually the opening to a rapid-fire, jargon-heavy delivery from a narrator with a soothing voice throughout the majority of a 60-second drug commercial. You’ve probably seen and heard these so many times that you don’t even pay them full attention. You may even criticize them- until the doctor diagnoses you with the condition that requires you to depend on that same drug.

It’s a vicious cycle that seems to trap even the most aware and conscious members of society. Then there are the medical malpractice lawyers who handle the burden of pharmaceutical drug errors. They stand in the middle-ground separated by patients and pharmaceutical companies, who many believe stand at cross-purposes. Lawsuits, court cases, and emotional upheaval all rest on the plate of lawyers, and it’s their job to make these consequences easier for everyday people to digest. With that said, do you personally believe that lawyers have the power to fight those who are responsible for pharmaceutical drug errors?

The Law’s Ability to Fight Pharmaceutical Negligence

A short and simple answer is yes. However, the battles that spring from medical drug errors are arduous and taxing on all those involved. There are so many elements to the process, not to mention there could be many processes to deal with. Yet, medical malpractice lawyers can still make a significant difference in how pharmaceutical drug mishaps pan out.

What Comes First

The first part of the equation is knowing when lawyers can help you. It’s essential to be truthful, and not every case will be successful. We will show an example of this a bit later. However, there are many situations where you can call on the services of a lawyer if you have to deal with the consequences of a bad drug case.

When Doctors Prescribe The Wrong Dose

Dosage errors are one of the most common reasons why people suffer adverse effects from pharmaceutical drugs. The consequences can be frightening, and although they are often the result of negligence, there are instances where the cause is greed. For example, reports emerged that up to 1,000 cancer patients in Ontario received watered-down chemotherapy drugs in 2013. Among those patients are people who have breast, lung, and bladder cancer. The incorrect dosages may be responsible for the deaths of 17 individuals at Windsor Regional Hospital in London, Ontario. Marchese Hospital Solutions, the accused suppliers of the diluted chemo drugs, have received an onslaught of criticism and class action lawsuits from patients who were victims of these errors. In such instances where dosage errors occur, it’s wise to get in touch with a medical malpractice lawyer since it isn’t your responsibility to know the correct dosage for your condition.

Wrong Prescription

Another pharmaceutical error that occurs too frequently is that of doctors prescribing their patients the wrong drugs. The wrong prescription can be just as dangerous as the wrong dose of the right medicine, if not more severe. For example, five CVS pharmacies in three New Jersey counties distributed harmful prescription drugs to patients, and the “mix-ups” were horrific. These mistakes included the accidental swapping of breast cancer pills for chewable fluoride tablets for children and schizophrenia drugs for high blood pressure medications. The prescription errors occurred between December 1, 2011, and March 24, 2012, and resulted in one patient’s admittance to the emergency room. As a result of the errors, CVS agreed to pay up a $650,000 compensation for the affected patients. Had CVS not claimed responsibility for the mistake immediately, they could have faced more significant legal consequences, not to mention a reputation damaged beyond what occurred.

Doubts About The Law’s Power Over Pharmacies

Unfortunately, recent news has shown that government bodies are providing pharmaceutical companies with “immunity.” In other words, these organizations, along with the law, impose blocks on lawsuits so that complaints filed against these pharmaceutical companies are overturned. As a result, victims of drug errors are left to suffer the consequences without any compensation. The result is a loss of trust in the legal system, and it has led many people to skip out on contacting a lawyer if they fall victim to pharmaceutical mishaps. Does this mean that the legal system will continue to fail those who are affected by this problem?

The Law Still Represents The People

You must choose a medical malpractice lawyer who has experience dealing with ‘bad drug’ cases and has a proven track record of rewarding victims with compensation they deserve. You must develop a balanced view of the law. While one can’t deny the reality of injustice in the courtroom, countless medical lawyers are devoted to serving those who deserve assistance for their suffering.

These lawyers have a deep understanding of the law, but most importantly, they have a profound sense of compassion and empathy. They feel obligated to assist their clients even when a case seems like it’s on a path to defeat. Perseverance and determination are two traits that devoted lawyers exhibit, and they instill confidence in those who hire them.

So can we place the future of our pharmaceutical safety in the hands of the law? The answer is both yes and no. It’s unlikely that society will eliminate the issue of drug errors. However, there is a lot that we can do as a collective, and medical malpractice lawyers play a huge role in mitigating these errors. If you or a loved one has faced such an issue, make it a priority that you speak to a lawyer who can help you resolve your case. With careful research, you will find the right person to assist you in your journey to find closure.


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