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If you have sustained an injury from a slip and fall incident that happened at HEB, you will need to do a series of things to get any money owed to you to help pay for your medical bills. Proving that the accident was due to the negligence of HEB will require an attorney. Here are some guidelines to ensure you have the best possible case of your incident, giving you a better chance at receiving compensation.

WHO Statistics

According to the World Health Organization, injuries caused by burns, falls, poisoning, drowning, or collisions cause five million fatalities around the globe each year. These numbers account for nine percent of all deaths worldwide, making this a pressing threat to the safety of everyone. Slips and falls, specifically, account for at least eight million visits to the emergency room. This means slips and falls are the leading cause of trips to the ER.

The above statistics are sobering but don’t mean that you shouldn’t leave your house anymore. They show you that you should be more vigilant to circumstances that may lead to slips and falls; you should know what to do after a slip and fall injury. The moments after a slip and fall are crucial to your continuing health, and knowing what to do can help avoid repercussions to your health.

Check The Area Where You Fell

Check for signs of what may have caused you to slip or trip, such as:

  • Uneven concrete
  • Spilled food
  • Loose carpet
  • Ice
  • Snow
  • Clutter

If you can, take pictures of the scene as soon as possible with a mobile phone to make sure you have evidence of what’s happened.

Make Sure That The Injury Has Been Recorded

Documentation is essential because it will serve as your primary source of evidence to show HEB that they are liable for the unfortunate event. Using your smartphone or tablet, take photos of the location where you slipped or fell. This will demonstrate that there is no warning sign displayed in the place. It will be significantly better if the spot has skid or slip marks. Highlight them in one or two of your pictures. Also, take photos of your clothes if it is immersed with liquid or dirt. You should also take photos of the injuries you endured. In case bruises appear a day after the event, report them as well.

Check For Witnesses

Ask them for their contact information at the scene, such as their names, contact numbers, and addresses. This ensures them as witnesses on your behalf should the owner of HEB dispute your claim that you were injured because of something in their store.

Inform The Owner or Employers of HEB

If an employee is close by, ask for the protocol in that situation. Chances are you will be asked to make a report to their manager as a proper means of following up on the issue. Though you don’t necessarily have to make an effort to settle everything in the store, try to make sure officials are aware of the accident. If the manager or an employee comments that these accidents have happened before, get the name of the person who made this comment. Write the names of the others who heard that comment as well. This might be because someone may have been negligent in ensuring the safety of the place.

Go to The Nearby Hospital or Medical Clinic

Seek medical help. If you can, ask somebody to take a picture of you while speaking with the doctor and while receiving treatment. Secure a copy of the medical record as well as the doctor’s prescription. They can serve as proof.

Consult a Lawyer

After the slip and fall, check if there’s any way you can call a lawyer and ask for their legal advice on the matter. Ask for your lawyer’s opinion on the subject and suggestions on what to do next. Sometimes whether you push for a lawsuit depends on the gravity of your fall and the injuries you may have incurred.

Proving Liability

What are the steps in proving liability for an accident? Whether or not you are suing HEB for a settlement, if you are going to win your case, the one thing that needs to be shown is that someone else is liable for your injuries. 

The critical points in all cases like this are: 

  1. Who are the potentially liable parties?
  2. Were those parties negligent by causing the accident or failing to prevent the accident?
  3. Did those parties contribute to the cause of the accident by acting carelessly or by not taking any preventive action?

Generally, when a case reaches the court system, the attorney representing the plaintiff will have a theory of why the defendant should be held liable for the injuries and damages suffered by the plaintiff. These theories run the whole spectrum of liability theory. 

They can even declare that the defendant should have recognized a dangerous situation so that a reasonable person would have realized it, or even that a property owner caused the conditions leading up to the accident by his carelessness.

Know Your Next Move

All of this points to one fact; If you are involved in a slip and fall injury at HEB where you have been injured, it is best to have a slip and fall attorney help you with your case.

When it comes to slip and fall injuries, it’s essential to understand that aside from ensuring your safety, important considerations involve getting yourself checked. Perhaps even legal action against HEB.

These things aside, your health and safety are still your utmost priority, and as such, being proactive in ensuring you know your next moves well can lead to a speedier recovery. Consult The Adley Law Firm; if you need further assistance, call us at (713) 999-8669 or fill out our online consultation form. 

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