Marine Insurance Adjuster Disputes

When the tides turn rough and the sea shows its unforgiving side, marine insurance adjuster disputes rise to the surface. Amidst catastrophic losses, damaged goods, and wrecked vessels, the role of the marine insurance adjuster is tossed into the spotlight. However, the outcome can be as unpredictable as the stormy sea itself and oftentimes, disputes erupt. At the Adley Law Firm, disputes of this nature are navigated with relentless pursuit. Let’s delve into the abyss of marine insurance adjuster disputes…

A Brief Explanation of Marine Insurance

Before we dive into the depths of marine insurance adjuster disputes, it’s crucial to understand the concept of marine insurance itself. It’s the oldest form of insurance, dating back to ancient Babylon and the Code of Hammurabi. Yeah, you heard that right! A random but interesting fact, isn’t it?

Marine insurance, in its simplest form, is an agreement where the insurance company agrees to indemnify the insured against marine losses. These losses could be due to damages or losses to ships, cargo, terminals…basically anything and everything that can be exposed to marine perils.

What’s an Insurance Adjuster?

Now, let’s unravel the role of an insurance adjuster. An adjuster is a person who investigates insurance claims to determine the extent of the insuring company’s liability. Adjusters may handle property claims involving damage to structures, and/or liability claims involving personal injuries or third-person property damage. A marine insurance adjuster, as the name suggests, specializes in adjusting insurance claims related to maritime incidents.

The Crux of Marine Insurance Adjuster Disputes

Marine insurance adjuster disputes are often a result of discrepancies in the claims process. This could involve disputes over the nature of the damage, the cost of repairs, or the total loss value. Sometimes, adjusters are accused of acting in bad faith, not operating with full integrity or transparency.

In the swirling vortex of marine insurance adjuster disputes, the Adley Law Firm stands firm, advocating for policyholders with a steadfast resolve. But before we sail into the Adley approach, let’s explore the common types of marine insurance adjuster disputes.

Common Types of Marine Insurance Adjuster Disputes

  • Disputes Over Damage Assessment: Often, the insured and the adjuster don’t see eye-to-eye on the extent of the damage. The adjuster might argue that certain damages were pre-existing or not covered under the policy terms.

  • Disputes Over Repair Costs: The adjuster might underestimate the cost of repairs, leading to a lower settlement offer. This often results in major disputes, as the insured is left with insufficient funds to restore the damaged property.

  • Disputes Over Total Loss: In cases where a ship is declared a total loss, disputes often arise over the actual cash value of the vessel.

  • Disputes Over Bad Faith: Sometimes, disputes arise from allegations of bad faith. This could involve the adjuster delaying the claims process unnecessarily, denying a valid claim without a reasonable basis or failing to conduct a thorough investigation.

Navigating Marine Insurance Adjuster Disputes with the Adley Law Firm

At the Adley Law Firm, we understand the complexities of marine insurance adjuster disputes. We’ve seen the stormy seas and know how to navigate through them. Our approach is characterized by meticulous investigation, robust advocacy, and unwavering commitment to our clients. Here’s how we handle these disputes:

Meticulous Investigation

We start with a thorough review of the insurance policy, cross-referencing it with the adjuster’s report and the claimant’s account of the incident. We then gather evidence, which could include photos of the damage, repair estimates, and expert assessments. We leave no stone unturned in our quest for the truth.

Robust Advocacy

Armed with the facts, we challenge the adjuster’s findings, pushing back against lowball offers and unjust denials. We fight for our clients’ rights, advocating for the full compensation they deserve under their policy.

Unwavering Commitment

Our commitment to our clients doesn’t end with a settlement. We stand by them throughout the claims process, offering guidance and support. We’re not just lawyers; we’re partners in this journey.


Marine insurance adjuster disputes can be as unpredictable and tumultuous as the sea itself. But with the right guidance and representation, you can navigate these stormy waters and reach calm seas. The Adley Law Firm is always ready to set sail and guide policyholders through the complexities of these disputes.

Remember, “A smooth sea never made a skilled sailor.” – Franklin D. Roosevelt. Let us be the skilled sailors in your stormy sea of marine insurance adjuster disputes. Contact us at (713) 999-8669. We are here to help.

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