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The Adley Law Firm is a renowned legal practice specializing in handling birth injury cases in Harlingen, Texas. Our team of experienced attorneys is dedicated to ensuring justice for victims of negligence-related birth injuries. We understand the emotional and financial toll these injuries can have on families and are committed to providing the support and legal expertise necessary to navigate the complex process of pursuing a birth injury claim.

Understanding Birth Injuries

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), birth injuries are defined as any injury sustained by a newborn during labor and delivery. These injuries can range from minor and temporary to severe and long-lasting, with some resulting in lifelong disabilities. It is important to distinguish between birth injuries and birth traumas, as the latter refers to more severe, and often irreversible, physical damage sustained by the newborn.

How Harlingen Birth Injury Attorneys Can Assist You in Childbirth Malpractice Cases

Harlingen birth injury lawyers play an essential role in supporting families affected by childbirth malpractice. Our team at The Adley Law Firm provides comprehensive legal assistance to clients dealing with birth injury cases. We possess extensive knowledge of local laws and regulations, which can be invaluable to clients in Harlingen, as each state has its specific rules governing medical malpractice claims.

Common Birth Injuries and Their Consequences

Birth injuries can lead to a wide range of health conditions, some of which may have lasting effects on the child’s life. Some common conditions resulting from birth injuries include:

  • Cerebral Palsy: A neurological disorder affecting muscle coordination and movement, caused by damage to the developing brain during pregnancy, labor, or delivery.
  • Hypoxic Ischemic Encephalopathy (HIE): A brain injury resulting from a lack of oxygen during the birthing process.
  • Brachial Plexus Injuries: Damage to the network of nerves that control movement and sensation in the arm, often caused by excessive force during delivery.

Factors Leading to Birth Injuries

Birth injuries can result from various factors, with the primary causes being physical trauma and a lack of oxygen during the delivery process. In Harlingen, some commonly cited causes of birth injuries include improper use of forceps or vacuum extractors, failure to monitor the fetal heart rate, and delays in performing necessary cesarean sections. It is important to differentiate birth injuries from birth defects, which are typically caused by genetic or environmental factors and are not the result of medical negligence.

Birth Injury Data in Texas and Harlingen

Being familiar with local birth injury statistics can be essential for clients in Harlingen. According to recent data, Texas has a birth injury rate of 1.9 per 1,000 live births, with Harlingen experiencing a similar rate. This information is crucial when pursuing a birth injury claim, as it helps clients understand the prevalence of these injuries in their community and can serve as a benchmark for comparison.

Identifying the Liable Parties in a Birth Injury Claim

In a birth injury claim, several parties may be held responsible for the injury sustained by the newborn. These can include physicians, hospitals, and medical organizations, all of whom may have contributed to the negligence that led to the injury. Consulting with a Harlingen birth injury lawyer is essential in determining the appropriate parties to pursue in a claim and ensuring that all responsible individuals are held accountable.

Advantages of Engaging a Lawyer for a Birth Injury Case

There are numerous emotional and practical benefits to hiring a birth injury attorney. The Adley Law Firm’s expertise in handling birth injury cases ensures that clients receive the best possible legal representation, increasing their chances of a successful outcome. Furthermore, having a legal advocate can provide Harlingen families affected by birth injuries with a sense of reassurance and support during a challenging time.

Duty of Care in Birth Injury Cases

In birth injury cases, medical professionals have a duty of care to provide a certain standard of treatment and care to their patients. This duty extends to both the mother and the newborn during the labor and delivery process. A breach of this duty of care, such as failing to monitor the fetal heart rate or improperly using delivery instruments, can result in legal proceedings against the responsible parties.

Establishing if Your Child’s Birth Injury Could Have Been Avoided

Determining whether a birth injury was avoidable is a crucial aspect of any birth injury claim. Seeking legal advice from a qualified Harlingen birth injury attorney is essential in assessing whether the injury resulted from negligence on the part of the medical professionals involved. The Adley Law Firm has a proven track record in evaluating birth injury cases and identifying instances where medical negligence could have been prevented.

Texas Statute of Limitations for Birth Injuries

The statute of limitations refers to the time limit within which a civil injury claim must be filed. In Texas, the statute of limitations for birth injuries is generally two years from the date of the injury. However, there are exceptions to this rule, and it is crucial to consult with a Harlingen birth injury lawyer to fully understand the statute of limitations applicable to your specific case.

Birth Injury FAQs

Here are 10 frequently asked questions about birth injuries and their legal implications:

  1. What constitutes medical negligence in a birth injury case?
  2. How can I prove that my child’s birth injury was caused by medical negligence?
  3. What damages can I recover in a birth injury lawsuit?
  4. How long does a birth injury lawsuit take?
  5. Will my birth injury case go to trial?
  6. How much does it cost to hire a birth injury lawyer?
  7. What can I do to help my child cope with a birth injury?
  8. How do I choose the right birth injury lawyer for my case?
  9. Can I still pursue a birth injury claim if my child’s injury was not diagnosed immediately after birth?
  10. How do birth injury settlements work?

Please consult with a qualified Harlingen birth injury attorney for answers to these questions and more information on birth injury claims.


If your child has suffered a birth injury due to medical negligence, it is vital to seek justice for your family. The Adley Law Firm is here to help you navigate the complex legal process and ensure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Contact us today for an evaluation of your case and let our experienced Harlingen birth injury lawyers fight for your family’s rights.

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