What to do after an accident in a rental car

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Getting into a car accident with a rental car can be confusing and scary. It may be that you rented the car because you are out of the country on vacation or your car is at the mechanic shop because of an accident.

Either way, you did not expect the outcome and are not sure how to deal with the legal responsibilities concerning this situation.

If you were involved in a rental car accident in the state of Texas, a Houston car accident lawyer can help.

How To Assess The Situation

Being involved in a rental car accident is the same as any other accident. After an accident, you should make sure everybody is okay. If there are any parties injured at the scene then call the police immediately. If there is fire or a leaking fuel then get far away from the vehicle as soon as possible just in case of an explosion.

The next thing you should do is exchange information with the other driver, take notes and pictures of the scene. Also, get a copy of the police report to prove who was at fault. After the police dismiss you, you should call the rental company.

Calling The Car Rental Company

Most car rental companies information is inside the glove compartment. There is usually a sticker containing car rental companies information.

Be aware that there will be additional paperwork for you to fill on top of the paperwork involved in car accidents. Read the fine print on your insurance company carefully and the copy of the car rental companies insurance policy. You will also be asked to fill out an accident report from the car rental company.

You may not need to contact your insurance company if you purchased insurance from the car rental company, but this depends on the plan you had selected.

If you violated the contract in any way the insurance from the car rental company can be void and refuse to pay for any damages.

The list of prohibited behaviors involved in most car rental companies include:

  • Driving while intoxicated
  • Driving recklessly
  • Driving the vehicle out of the state
  • Having someone else drive the car

In some situations the rental company may be liable for the accident:

  • The company did not repair any known safety defects
  • Did not properly maintain the vehicle

In cases like these, you should contact the help of a car accident attorney in Houston to better assist you.

Questions To Ask Your Insurance Company

If you did not purchase any insurance from the rental company then you may need to speak to your insurance company. Upon speaking to them ask them what damages they can cover. For example, you can ask them:

  • Whether they will be filing the accident to the police or will this be your responsibility
  • Whether you have collision or complete coverage in your plan
  • Whether you qualify for a deductible in this situation, and the amount of the deductible

Determining Who Is Responsible

If you were involved in a car accident while driving a rental then it can be difficult to determine which party is at fault. The other driver may hold that against you and say that you are not from this town, did not know the Texas laws, or your way around the roads. That is why it is best not to mention you are in a rental car unless you absolutely have to.

Contact a Houston car accident lawyer today to learn more about your rights in a rental car accident.

We Can Help

No one ever wants to be involved in an accident especially one where the driver was driving a rental car.

  • Who do you contact first in the event an accident occurs while in a rental car?
  • Do you call the rental company, the police, or your insurance company?
  • Who handles the claim?
  • Your insurance company, the rental car company’s insurance company, or the other driver’s insurance company?

This is why a rental car accident can be even more confusing than an accident with your own vehicle and there is also much more paperwork to be filled out.

Don’t be frightened though, you are not alone. You just need to hire a competent accident attorney to handle your case. The lawyers at Adley Law Firm can help today. Call us at (713) 999-8669 or schedule a free consultation.

Our lawyers have many years of experience involving cases like these and they can help lift the confusion off your shoulders so that you can have a chance at receiving the compensation you deserve.

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