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Aviation accidents are one of the most destructive and dangerous accidents often resulting in severe injuries or fatalities.

Personal aircraft are most commonly involved in crashes. However, commercial aircraft occasionally have accidents resulting in fatalities.

If you or a loved one has been involved in an aircraft crash, the Lawyers at Adley Law Firm are here to help you obtain the compensation you deserve.

Common Causes of Aircraft Crashes

The most common causes of private and commercial aircraft crashes include:

  • Pilot Error: Failed to read or listen to directions, misjudged weather conditions, made a course correction error or something else.
  • Fueling Errors: Improper fuel, fuel mismanagement, or contamination.
  • Faulty Equipment: Improper aircraft design, instrument maintenance, manufacture.
  • FAA Violations: Violation of aviation guidelines.
  • Air Traffic Control Errors: Controller errors, ground controllers, or flying too close to another aircraft.
  • Negligent Repair or Maintenance: Failing to maintain records of an aircraft’s maintenance history.

Common Injuries

Aviation accidents most commonly result in catastrophic injuries, these include:

  • Burns
  • Death
  • Bone Fractures
  • Back & Spinal Cord Injuries
  • Amputations
  • Traumatic Brain Injuries
  • Internal Organ Damage
  • Significant Lacerations
  • Cardiovascular Injuries

Liability in an Aircraft Accident

The party responsible for the crash depends on why the accident took place. If you were involved in an aviation accident or lost a family member due to a plane crash, contact our experienced aviation accident lawyers today. We will make a thorough investigation to determine what happened, why the accident took place, and the party held liable.

Liability for commercial accidents varies from personal aircraft accidents. In a commercial flight, you handle the claim with the airline. In a personal aircraft accident, you are responsible to file a claim against the independent contractor.

The party’s held liable for the crash include the:

  • Pilot
  • Airport Personnel
  • Air Traffic Controller
  • Airline or Air Carrier
  • Aircraft Designer
  • Third Party Maintenance Provider
  • Aircraft or Part Manufacturer

Jurisdictional Issues in Aircraft Accidents

Aviation accidents usually involve more than one state. A flight that took off from Houston crashed in another state or country holds that country or state liable for your injuries.

Whether the flight took place in Texas or in another state or nation, call us immediately. We will review the jurisdiction where the crash took place, including any conventions or international treaties, and advise you on whether you should file your claim in Houston.

Damages Available to Accident Victims

Damages to aviation accident plaintiffs and wrongful death survivors include:

  • punitive damages
  • Lost Wages, Current and Future Income
  • Pain and Suffering
  • All Medical Expenses
  • Physical and Emotional Disability

Family members in a wrongful death claim could also be compensated for other damages. These include funeral expenses, loss of support and affection for children, and loss of spousal consortium.

How We Can Help

The Lawyers at Adley Law Firm will identify all types of damages you may be entitled to recover. We have handled all types of aviation accidents, have worked with state and federal authorities, and know where to find a competent expert witness for your case.

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