Houston Truck Accidents Lawyer

Trucks are bigger in size and weight which puts them at a higher risk of fatalities and severe injuries. To be fully compensated you will need a compassionate and experienced lawyer specialized in truck accidents. The lawyers at Adley Law Firm will fight for your rights against unjust financial security from powerful insurance companies.

The goal of our lawyers is to reach a fair compensation. We have the resources to determine just compensation and will pursue a truck accident lawsuit if needed. We have dealt with many cases and will not hesitate to fight for you and seek a jury verdict in favor of your case. You will be covered with the following damages:

• Medical Costs
• Mental Anguish
• Physical Pain
• Physical Limitations
• Loss of Earning Capacity
• Disfigurement

An accident with a personal motor vehicle may limit your ability to recover fully from your loses. This is due to their insurance companies and financial restrictions that limit your ability to recover. However, federal requirements for insurance coverage and trucking companies may have additional funds available depending on the type of vehicle. Our lawyers will fully compensate all your losses and legal expenses.

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