How To File a Slip and Fall Claim Against Walmart

How To File a Slip and Fall Claim Against Walmart

Walmart has become one of the largest retailers, expanding to over 11,000 locations across the world. Accidents are inevitable and are bound to happen at one point or another.

If you suffered a slip and fall at Walmart, know that you have the legal rights to pursue a claim against them.

What To Do After A Slip and Fall

It is important to first remember and recall all of your surroundings. Also, establish who was at fault. Ask yourself these questions, what caused you to fall? Who was at fault? What exactly happened?

Here is a list of the most common causes of a slip and fall at Walmart:

  • Food products left on the floor
  • Products that have fallen off the shelf and are lying in the middle of the floor
  • Dangerous objects, such as shelving equipment or storage
  • Puddles of water, milk, juice or any other beverages that weren’t mopped up by employees

Food and beverage spills are very common causes of slip and fall at Walmart. This is because most of Walmart’s have a McDonald’s or Subway located inside the property.

Furthermore, Walmart also has a home and garden section that can potentially be hazardous. Employees failing to clean or keep the area safe from grease, dirt, or pallets lying throughout the aisles can cause others to slip and fall.

Other ways that cause someone to have an accident is when employees fail to maintain the property. In northern states during the winter months, can cause dangerous situations.

Employees are responsible for keeping the property safe, the following conditions are examples:


Employees at Walmart are responsible for keeping the area clean of ice, snow, or other hazards. The sidewalks are supposed to be salted or sanded whenever is ice is present to prevent people from slipping and falling.


Ice and snow can collect on roofs and fall onto the pathways of customers. Walmart employees are obligated to put warning signs up to alert customers of the dangerous conditions.

Welcome Mats

During the winter months, welcome mats become slippery when frozen.

After a slip and fall, it is vital to take a photo of the scene. This can be your best bet at winning the claim against Walmart.

What You Need To Prepare a Slip and Fall Case Against Walmart

Getting injured at Walmart can have you feeling confused and hopeless. Here is a list of records and documents you need in order to file a case against Walmart.

These documents include, but are not limited to:

  • Doctor’s Notes: Comments on your injuries and how they affect your life can be very valuable against the corporation.
  • Pain and Suffering: Have you been in constant pain since the slip and fall? Were some days more manageable than others? Make sure to note how much pain you are in every day.
  • Ongoing Hospital Visits: Any trips, visits, or follow-ups to the hospital, or physical therapy should be documented.
  • Hospital Records: Immediately after the accident to eliminate doubt of what caused your injuries.
  • A loss in Wages: Keep track of times you had to miss work because of your injury. Trips to the doctor, and injuries that made you unable to perform at work.

There are other documents and supporting evidence that you will need for a claim against the corporation. You will need to gather statements from any witnesses and their contact information, as well as videos and pictures of the scene.

If no one witnessed your slip and fall, try to get statements from those that saw the hazardous situation at Walmart.

Moreover, using past cases of slip and falls from Walmart can be helpful for your case. Your lawyer can gather all the information of old cases to see if any of their cases applies to yours.

After your injury, Walmart Claims Management, Inc., or CMI, may try to contact you after your injury. DO NOT SPEAK to them, contact your attorney. Walmart CMI will take statements that you told them and use them against you.

Hire a Competent Attorney

Walmart is the biggest retailer in the country, so it is one of the most challenging corporations to sue. The Layers at Adley Law Firm can help assess how much your claim is worth and what kind of compensation you can expect from this lawsuit. Our lawyers know how to win a case against Walmart.

We work on a contingency fee basis, if we do not win your case, you pay us nothing. If you are interested in going through with your case against Walmart, call us at (713) 999-8669 or schedule a free consultation. We are passionate about helping our clients win and getting the justice they deserve.

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