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Houston Car Accidents – Common Bad Driving Habits

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Did you know that several common bad driving habits can lead to accidents in Houston? You’re in for a rude awakening if you haven’t heard about them. These bad habits cause crashes at varying speeds and can result in severe injuries. The following are some examples of common bad driving habits. Be aware of these bad habits and avoid them whenever possible.

How Bad Are Car Accidents in Houston?

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there are approximately 38,538 car accidents in the Houston area each year. That’s nearly one collision every 15 minutes. And while Houston is not the worst city for car accidents, some drivers cause them. Drivers who cut across lanes to reach a highway exit are often blamed for causing accidents. Others point the finger at drivers who fail to slow down while in the passing lane. In Houston, turning right at a red light without stopping is also blamed.

While car accidents in Houston are not uncommon, they can be tragic. According to the Texas Department of Transportation, there were over 189 fatal car accidents in Houston in 2011. These incidents involved 304 vehicles and resulted in 196 deaths. This number is far higher than the national average of around 200 accidents per year. For comparison, Dallas and San Antonio have around half that number. However, the Houston area is one of the most dangerous cities in the United States for drivers and pedestrians.

Houston has a very high number of auto accidents each year. While the police can issue an accident report, these reports are often incomplete. Documenting the scene and noting any businesses with security cameras is essential. This evidence will help your car accident attorney uncover evidence that establishes fault. Many people apologize at the scene of an accident, but, unfortunately, these people are prone to denial in car accident claims. The Adley Law Firm is a highly experienced Houston car accident law firm that can help you.

Why Are Accidents So Bad in Houston?

There are several reasons why Houston is home to so many car accidents. First, Houston has some of the highest traffic densities in the United States. This leads to many different types of accidents. Because of this, it’s difficult for drivers to react to changing road conditions. Additionally, there’s a shortage of space on the road, so drivers have less time to maneuver their cars. As a result, accidents occur more frequently, resulting in more stress and frustration for everyone.

While this is unfortunate, it’s necessary to improve public safety in Houston. Traffic accidents are a significant cause of death and injury in Houston, and the city’s heavy traffic makes driving dangerous. Many motorists are distracted while driving, which leads to car accidents. A study published in 2018 named three Houston Highways as among the worst in the country. I-45 is the country’s second most dangerous interstate, while Interstate 10 is ranked fifth. US-59, a major route through Harris County, also made the list.

Drivers who fail to control their speed are another reason for accidents. When drivers speed, they have less time to slow down. When they slow down, traffic builds around them, posing a greater risk of collision. Another contributing factor to these accidents is distracted driving, an increasing trend in Houston. Distracted drivers fail to see changes on the road ahead, increasing the likelihood of an accident. It’s not surprising that Houston has so many accidents.

Have Car Accidents Gotten Worse in Houston?

Recent Texas Department of Transportation statistics reveals that fatal accidents have increased by 20 percent in Houston. That’s the second-largest increase in fatal crashes in Texas, after Dallas. However, it’s still unclear whether Houston’s high accident rate is related to commuting time. The article discusses the causes and effects of these high numbers on motorists. In Houston, long commute times are a significant factor.

Various factors contribute to car accidents in Houston. For instance, many areas have high-speed limits, including Grand Parkway, with a 75-mph speed limit on certain sections. However, Texas politicians have largely opposed implementing automated enforcement cameras in Houston. Another issue is that pedestrians and bicyclists must cross traffic often to get from one side of the highway to the other. Houston has less than half the city’s roadway with sidewalks and only about 300 miles of roadside bike lanes.

The numbers of Houston car accidents are alarming. Last year, the number of accidents in the city reached a four-year high. This is higher than in any other city in Texas. There were 23,182 car accidents in Houston in 2016, while 25,602 accidents were reported in 2017, 2018, and 2019. While the Texas Department of Transportation statistics does not specify crash statistics by city, they provide information for the state.

What Are Common Causes of Houston Car Accidents?

The number one cause of car crashes in Houston is human error. Drivers make errors that put innocent victims in danger and cause car accidents. Often, drivers are stressed and do not pay attention to the road. However, these types of errors are often preventable. If you want to avoid accidents in Houston, take the time to learn about the most common causes of these crashes. Below are a few of the most common causes of car crashes in Houston.

Failure to obey traffic lights or signs is another common cause of auto crashes. Speeding decreases the time a driver has to slow down. Driving too slowly increases traffic around a car and the risk of a crash. Distracted driving is also rising in Houston, and drivers are often caught on their cell phones while driving. By taking their eyes off the road for just five seconds, they have less time to react to changes in the road ahead.

Whether or not the other driver was at fault in the crash, it is essential to exchange contact information. Be sure to exchange your insurance and other essential information about the scene. Call 911 and inform the driver of your injuries if you were injured. Be sure to take pictures of the vehicles and the road signs. If possible, document your property damage as well. It may help to file a claim for compensation with the other driver’s insurance company.

What Can Be Done to Make Houston’s Roads Safer?

One way to improve road safety in Houston is to install flashing signs that alert motorists to dangerous intersections. These signs could be beneficial in a time of pandemic stress. In a UH study, researchers cited several factors that could make Houston roads dangerous, including low visibility, poorly designed roads, and confusing signage. The study found no common denominator, but several factors contributed to increased neighborhood collision rates.

While speed bumps can be helpful for local streets, they have no practical effect on busy major roadways. Some planners have proposed narrowing Alabama Street and adding bike lanes, but that won’t help outside Loop 610. Others have tackled the problem areas head-on, and Houston has not. If we don’t fix these problems, more people will die. In Houston, for example, drivers must weave across two lanes of traffic to reach a freeway.

The Houston Vision Zero program outlines three pillars:

  1. Community Engagement
  2. Measurement of Results
  3. Community Improvement Funds

The TSR will provide $125,000 seed funding for the Gulfton street redesign. The City of Houston will contribute five-fold match funding to the project. The Phase 1 project will develop a strategy to assess the safety and mobility improvements that will benefit all Houston drivers. There are a variety of projects underway to improve Houston roads.

Speak to a Houston Car Accident Attorney

You need to know your legal options if you’ve been involved in a Houston car accident. An experienced Houston car accident attorney, like those at the Adley Law Firm, can answer your questions during a free case evaluation. If you’ve been injured in an accident, contact the firm today to learn more about your options.

Distracted driving is a common cause of Houston car accidents, not just those that result in a high-speed collision. Those distracted can also be responsible for low-speed crashes, which are more likely to cause severe injuries than those at high speeds. While many of these accidents are unavoidable, you can still pursue legal action if you were the victim of a distracted driver.

Distractions can occur from various sources, including arguing with children, a tired parent, or even talking to a passenger. Distractions divert a driver’s attention away from the road and can lead to an accident. A Houston car accident attorney will help you determine fault and file a claim against the other driver.

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