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Hiring an attorney to sue USAA is essential to obtain maximum compensation. However, it is crucial to understand that it is not easy. You should understand the nuances of the process and choose a qualified lawyer to pursue your case. A knowledgeable and experienced USAA claim attorney will greatly help your quest for justice. Our attorneys have uncovered eight secrets when dealing with the USAA insurance company.

USAA Is NOT a Non-Profit

You may have heard about USAA’s efforts to give back to the community and make it seem like a nonprofit organization. However, the truth is that USAA is a for-profit corporation that generates billions of dollars in annual revenue. Moreover, their shares trade on the NASDAQ, and they own assets totaling $200 billion. While these are impressive numbers, one should also remember that CEO David Nelms receives an annual paycheck worth millions of dollars.

While the mission statement of USAA does not explicitly state whether the company is a nonprofit or a for-profit organization, it does make it clear that a government or a nonprofit entity does not run the company. Its business model serves a niche market and is, therefore, not a nonprofit. Since its inception, USAA has targeted its membership toward military members and their families. In addition to serving military personnel, the organization offers membership to National Guard and Reserve officers and candidates in commissioning programs. Even former members are eligible to join the organization and can resume membership at any time, regardless of age.

USAA Adjusters Have Tricks to Limit Your Payout

USAA adjusters will use many tricks to limit your payout. First, they’ll ask you questions that suggest you were distracted or partially to blame for the accident. These are all ways to reduce your settlement amount. Second, you may be asked questions about your daily plans that aren’t directly related to the accident. You may even be asked to provide documents or statements to undermine your claim.

The second trick that USAA adjusters have is questioning the severity of your injuries. If you resume your daily activities, they may assume that your injuries do not prevent you from performing your daily tasks. They’ll also ask you questions that may lead them to believe that you don’t have enough medical treatment to limit your daily activities. These are tricks that USAA adjusters use to limit your payout. If you’re in this situation, you should never forget that they’re not acting in your best interest.

One of the most common tactics that USAA adjusters use is to build trust. They’ll tell you that you don’t need a car accident lawyer and that the claims process isn’t adversarial. They want you to sign over the claim and accept the insurance company’s lowball offer. These tactics work because they’re designed to make the insurance company look good. They’ll try to convince you that they’re working for you.

Delays Are Part of USAA’s Game

Delaying your claim is part of the game when it comes to insurance. But when you’re dealing with a company like USAA, delays are a part of the process. This is a common complaint and is part of why you should seek a second opinion. And we’ll explain why you should be careful when dealing with USAA.

Although you might be frustrated by the delays you experience with USAA, don’t lose hope. It is important to remember that they’re only in it for the money. They’ll likely have your case for a long time, so you’re better off having the right USAA claim attorney fighting for you. After all, you can’t afford to be prepared – you and your family deserve the best.

Watch Out for Unfair Settlement Offers

USAA Insurance adjusters may attempt to cut your settlement offer by questioning the severity of your injuries, whether you have missed work or not, and many other seemingly innocent comments. While these are harmless, they can result in a substantial reduction in your settlement offer. Keep your cool and stay calm by resisting the pressure from USAA insurance adjusters. They are just part of the insurance industry and may be motivated by a quick profit. They are not on your side.

USAA adjusters use a computer algorithm to decide the value of your claim. This software reduces your compensation by undervaluing your claim and increasing their profits. Don’t accept the first offer you receive. These offers can cause more problems than they are worth. Don’t let USAA get away with it.

Be vigilant, stand up for your rights, and hire a skilled USAA claim attorney.

USAA Lowballs Its Insureds on Uninsured Motorists and PIP Claims

USAA is notorious for lowballing its insureds on uninsured motorists and PIP claims. It must provide coverage for PIP but does not do it.

Many USAA adjusters will try to have you settle for a lower amount than what you’re entitled to. Your USAA claim attorney can negotiate a fair settlement offer with USAA and get the compensation you deserve.

You CAN Fight for a Higher Offer

You can fight for a higher offer even though USAA may lead you to believe that the first offer is final. Don’t feel hopeless; know your rights and hire a USAA claim attorney to fight for you and recover the maximum compensation you deserve.

You and your attorney can provide evidence and documents from your medical provider and other experts to attest to your injuries.

USAA Doesn’t Like Lawsuits!

If you consider filing a lawsuit against USAA, you must understand that they don’t like lawsuits as much as other insurers do. While this can seem discouraging, it can also help you get the maximum settlement amount. In many cases, a threat of litigation can help adjusters agree to offer more money. However, if you don’t have a legal team on your side, USAA may not take your threats seriously.

The RIGHT Lawyer Can Help

There is no reason why you should have to struggle with USAA and its adjusters alone. The Adley Law Firm can help negotiate against USAA so that you don’t get taken advantage of. Having a legal team by your side can often increase your settlement to help you pay for all your damages and injuries.

Consult with an Attorney That Knows How to Fight USAA Injury Claim Adjusters

You should not discuss the details of your accident or your injuries in a recorded statement. It is best to keep your answers brief and avoid incriminating statements. You should also never sign any documents that the USAA insurance company sends you.

If you have been injured, consult with a lawyer who understands how to fight USAA’s injury claim adjusters. We will fight to get you the compensation you deserve. Call the Adley Law Firm at (713) 999-8669 for a free no-obligation consultation to discuss your car accident case.

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