Texas Motorcycle Helmet Law 2019 Explained

Texas Motorcycle Helmet Law Explained

Being involved in a motorcycle accident can result in devastating injuries or even death. It could be even worse if you don’t wear a helmet. Wearing a helmet will protect your head from an accident. It will also protect your eyes and face from bad weather and debris.

Do you have to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Texas?

You are not required to wear a helmet in Texas if you meet the following 2 requirements:

  • You are at least 21 years of age
  • Have completed a department-approved Motorcycle Operator Training Course OR
  • You can provide proof of at least $10,000 in medical insurance coverage

In June of 2009, Governor Rick Perry signed a Senate Bill 1967 that removed certain exceptions. Riders 21 years of age or older are exempt from committing an offense if they meet the requirements mentioned above.

Do you have to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Texas - Texas Motorcycle Helmet Law Explained - Adley Law Firm Houston Texas

Can I get pulled over by a police officer for not wearing a helmet while riding a motorcycle?

A police officer may not stop a helmet-less rider for the sole purpose of checking if these requirements are met.

UPDATE: September 1st, 2019, the proposed Texas Bill HB 748 would close the exemption loop-hole which put riders at risk of being stopped and fined for not wearing a helmet while operating a motorcycle. More info is available at The Superbike Blog.

How can you prevent this from happening?

Contact Representative Victoria Neave’s (District 107/Dallas County) office and express your disapproval in a clear, deliberate, and precise manner. Click here for complete contact information.

  • Capitol Phone: (512) 463-0244 / (512) 463-9967 – Fax
  • District Phone: (972) 288-9438

Governor Perry also added a subsection c-1 stating that a police officer is not allowed to stop motorcyclists just to check if they have proof of training. Also, c-2 states that a rider should only be required to have standard proof of insurance which eliminates $10,000 minimum requirement.

While not everyone is required to wear a helmet while riding a motorcycle in Texas, it is still highly recommended and a good habit to practice safe riding!

Texas state laws are meant to protect motorcyclists. These laws apply to:

Riders Aged 20 Years and Younger

This age group is required to wear a helmet under the state law. This includes people who ride low power motorcycles. The exception, however, does not apply to motor assisted scooters with engine displacements below 40cc.

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