Why You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney

Why You Need a Slip and Fall Attorney

Everyone has had an occasion when they have slipped or tripped and fell in a public place. It is embarrassing, and nine times out of ten, you pop up quickly so that no one will see you, regardless of how injured you really are. You may deny help from the people around you, preferring to be on your own, to tend to your wounds. But, you may also find out that a few hours later, you are far more injured than you thought you were, and this is when you need a slip and fall attorney.

Believe it or not, slip and fall accidents are the second most common type of accident in the United States, killing almost 16,000 people every year. What may seem like a small fall to you could result in serious injury or death, and you need to protect yourself by hiring a slip and fall lawyer.

Hire an Attorney That Specializes in Slip and Fall Cases

Some attorneys specialize in slip and fall injuries, and they are certainly the best ones if this type of injury has happened to you.

A slip and fall attorney will be able to find out: 

  • The actual cause of the injury
  • How it could have been avoided, and 
  • If the company had been warned about it in the past. 

These types of cases may often include punitive damages as well, especially if it is a large organization or governmental agency that had been warned about a potential problem in the past.

Why Do Slip and Falls Occur?

The most common reason people slip and fall is a liquid or moist substance on a flat surface. It could be a broken jar in a grocery store or a janitor washing a floor in an office building. 

A close relative of the slip and fall is the trip and fall, whereby you trip over something sticking out of the ground or floor or a hole in the ground or floor. A slip and fall attorney can help you with this type of incident as well.

Why Hire Slip and Fall Lawyers?

If you have recently injured yourself from a fall or accident, then, in that case, you should contact the attorneys at The Adley Law Firm, who can provide you with experienced lawyers to get the compensation that you deserve. Mentioned below are some of the reasons why you should get the services of an experienced attorney.


These lawyers are the experts who can easily provide you with the legal knowledge and experience that is required for your case. These lawyers can present your case in court in the best possible manner to get the justice and compensation that you may want with yourself. These lawyers can also help you in claiming the compensation that you deserve.

A lawyer also helps gather and present proof to support your injury claims. Not only will they recognize the factors that affect your liability claims, but they will also know how to present this as proof of the damage in court. This occurs by confirming how your injury occurred, including extensive questioning of your specific actions before and after the fall. A well-presented case has the ability to convince the jury better than a single confused and injured individual. By stating your actions as facts, the emotional aspect of the injury becomes negligible, leaving behind only the truth.


These lawyers can also help you in claiming compensation for the injury that has happened to you. It is seen that most of the companies do not show much interest when it comes to providing the injured person the compensation for the injury that he deserves. Insurance companies back out and make different lame excuses for providing you with the insured money that is way less than you need.

More Money

These lawyers can provide you with more money than you may need for your injury. Any lawyer will not provide you with as much money as the slip and fall lawyers. These lawyers have experienced so many cases related to this field. So, hiring any other lawyer will not do it for you. 

Although a slip and fall accident may sound minor and even be a little embarrassing for you, you have to remember that your injuries may last a long time, potentially requiring long-term medical assistance. 

For that reason, a slip and fall lawyer should be contacted as soon as possible after the event to help you find the medical attention that you need and to ensure you are properly compensated for all you have been through.

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Stating the facts is one thing; proving it is a whole other story. The lawyer will ask for a look at the scene of the accident, paying special detail to measure and analyzing the exact spot of your fall. For example, if you have broken your leg, striking it on a hard object, the lawyer will look for hard surfaces where you may have struck it, blood splatters, and any other anomalies. Because most injuries happen so quickly, many people will not know how they got injured. 

A sweep of the scene helps establish the story and adds more details that the client may have forgotten. Many companies will try and settle the case outside the court, especially if they know they are wrong. A slip and fall lawyer not only guarantees the compensation that they promise you but forces the company to take action and rectify the problem through a court order. This prevents other people from experiencing the same misfortune.

At the same time, there is more to winning the case, such as providing payroll records and tax forms and showing the extent of damage through medical bills and sometimes, even personal interviews with family. To sum it up, let a professional handle the stress of negotiating your compensation and reap better benefits.

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