Aggressive Drivers And How To Avoid Them

Aggressive Drivers And How To Avoid Them

The increase in traffic on the roads has led to a potential danger of aggressive drivers. In city’s like Houston where the traffic is always ongoing especially during peak hours can put a risk to others on the road from aggressive drivers. Drivers trying to make their way to work on time while there is loads of traffic can cause frustrations and in turn, can lead to acts of violence on the road which can pose a hazard to other drivers. Recognizing aggressive drivers and avoiding them on the road is your best option.

Obeying Roadway Rules

Most causes of aggressive drivers stem from the fact that some drivers disobey roadway laws. Most drivers who come in contact with drivers who drive carelessly or negligently can nearly cause an accident and cause the other driver to feel angry. Always follow roadway rules. Wait your turn at a four-way stop, always use your blinker when merging lanes, and do not use the fast lane if you are a slow driver.

Passing Lanes Should Remain Open

The fast lanes on freeways are considered passing lanes to Texas roadway rules. However, many drivers stay on the left side for the duration of their commutes even though this lane is really only meant for vehicles passing slower vehicles. Stay safe on the road and avoid a driver tailgating you by keeping the passing lane open.

Do not panic or try to speed up, slow down, or brake if a driver is angry at you for blocking the passing lane. Reacting on this temptation could cause a rear-end collision or the angry driver could use another lane to pass which can be a dangerous maneuver. You should carefully exit the passing lane using your blinker and allow the aggressive or angry driver to pass you.

Keep A Safe Distance Between Other Vehicles

Always keep a safe distance between your vehicle and those around you. This will avoid any road rage situations. Driving too closely can make the other driver think you are tailgating them and this can make them angry. The angry driver may try to slam their brakes causing a rear-end collision. If you don’t react on time the collision will be your fault. Moreover, driving too closely can also cause an accident. Minor scrapes or collision could cause the wrong person to behave in an uncontrollable manner.

Do Not Lose Your Cool

Drivers feel too overly confident confined in their vehicles when they are angry at another driver. They tend to scream at them, show rude hand gestures, and honk constantly at the other driver. However, this does not help the situation, it can potentially make the situation worse. Do not honk your horn, flash your lights, or use rude hand gestures toward other drivers. This will not help the situation even if you are trying to show the other driver who cut you off that you are angry. Instead, use your horn when you need to avoid collisions not when you are angry.

Remain Calm

If a driver is angry, avoid eye contact. If the aggressive driver purposefully causes a collision, follows you home, or tries to exit their vehicle to confront you, call 911 immediately. A driver that violates the Texas law related to aggressive driving can pay fines of up to $200 and even face jail time. If a situation like this ever happens to you, trust law enforcement to handle the aggressive driver. Never try to solve the situation on your own.

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